4 Reasons to Keep an Accident-Free Days Counter at the Workplace

The accident-free days counter is a humor cliché in the eyes of many. The same joke format appears in many different places, from the revised opening of The Simpsons to a superhero fight in Man of Steel. Any depiction of turmoil in the workplace may go for an easy laugh by having someone stumble into the sign until the numbers read zero.

Of course, in real life, accidents in the workplace are no laughing matter. Injuries caused by occupational hazards may result in severe pain, long-term health effects, and even death. Financial woes related to the accident can also plague the wounded worker and their family, even if they receive compensation from their employer.

The accident-free days counter cannot resolve every problem related to workplace dangers and disasters. With that said, they can do so much for both management and employees. Here is a list of four reasons to get one for your business.

Enforce Compliance with OSHA Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the Department of Labor agency that watches over working conditions in American businesses like a hawk. Since its founding in 1971, it has created and updated a massive set of regulations designed to remove or reduce workplace danger. Moreover, it vigorously enforces compliance from employers through measures like random inspections, whistleblower protection, and massive fees for disobedience.

OSHA does not have laws requiring that businesses use an accident-free days counter. It does, however, have laws requiring businesses to record and report accidents. Regulations also encourage employees to report injuries while on the job. As a result, such a counter could serve as an extension of OSHA’s rules. Seeing it would remind everyone of the need to comply, particularly those in management positions. On top of that, it would remind employees of their freedom to receive help when needed.

Remind Personnel of Safety Measures

Speaking of reminding, the presence of an accident-free days counter can place workplace safety near the front of everyone’s minds. The sign will almost certainly be large and placed in a highly visible spot. Anyone working there will get at least a momentary reminder to do their part in keeping the number from dropping back to zero. In short, it can keep people from getting desensitized, forgetting safety measures, and causing or falling victim to a preventable accident.

If an employer and/or their workforce were so inclined, they could even use the sign to celebrate milestones. They could host events or catered lunches for every 50 days without an accident or do something truly special upon breaking the previous record. Such actions may incentivize workers to be more cautious.

Management should be careful, however, to not emphasize a number over the rights and health of workers who experience accidents. No one’s first thought after a dangerous incident should be, “Well, there goes the pizza party.” No matter how a business chooses to keep track of days without accidents, they must be compassionate when someone gets hurt on the job.

Give Confidence to Workers and Visitors

Some industries are far more dangerous than others, and work sites related to those industries bear that reputation by default. Some people will repress their concerns if offered benefits, but others will only see the hazards. Employers need to acknowledge the potential for accidents while still showing that their business is safer than people on the outside may expect.

Enter the accident-free days counter. This tool proudly reveals just how well everyone, including both the workers and the managers, are doing at maintaining safe conditions. If the number is high, it will instantly communicate a history of hard work and care on all levels. Potential employees will know that they can trust the people in charge. Moreover, potential partners and clients can rest assured that they are working with good people.

Of course, relying on the counter is a double-edged sword: if the number is low, then the business may not look so safe anymore. Ideally, this concern over optics will encourage management to comply with OSHA, offer training, and take extra care in creating a safe environment for workers.

Create Awareness Within the Workplace

Keeping everyone in a business informed about the day-to-day happenings can be tough if the workforce is large. Employers cannot expect all their employees to know each other or even know about each other when there are so many of them. They also cannot expect everyone to read their newsletters, emails, or other forms of communication.

This situation may not seem like a big deal if everyone is in touch with the right people to facilitate their work. Accidents are a different situation altogether. Everyone needs to be aware. Everyone would want to be aware. Even if a worker does not know any of the people directly affected by the incident, they will almost certainly want to know what happened. They deserve to know, especially because the same may happen to them.

Accident-free days counters may not always be able to provide details about what happened. However, like a flag at half-mast, it can show the unaware that something has happened. With this little bit of information, they can ask their higher-ups and quickly learn more. The sign serves as a sign, naturally, and as a conversation starter. Sometimes, people will take actions that lead to great acts of compassion and a safer workplace. Other times, people will be grateful that nobody hid anything from them.

Set Up an Accident-Free Days Counter for Your Business

The reasons given above for keeping an accident-free days counter at the workplace are only four of many. Whatever your reasons may be, you should make sure that the counter is versatile, easy to alter, and visible from a great distance. Microframe’s bright LED displays are an excellent solution. They come in many sizes, from two digits to six different sets of numbers and more. Some are even wireless and controlled with a smartphone app. Learn more by perusing our extensive selection today.

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