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Lithium Rechargeable Battery with LED Indicator
Portable Battery Kit

Lithium Rechargeable Battery with LED Indicator

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Lithium Rechargeable Battery Kit (Available for 6300 & 5100 Series Displays Only )

Microframe has designed the 6300 & 5100 series displays to be powered by a 24-Volt AC power adapter (included with the display) or a rechargeable battery-powered option. Full Description Below

Part Number: 9400-0015

This rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack is designed to power our 5100 series and our 6300 series displays as well as any 24V/12V/5V DC electronic device.
The Lithium Ion Battery Pack can be recharged without limitations, as the battery is designed for a slow charge process (5 hours for full charge), which allows the battery to have a longer lifespan.

Capacity: 3.7V/35000mAh 129.5Wh
Built-In Battery: High Quality Lithium Ion Batteries (18650)


USB: 5V/2.4A Max.
DC Port: 24V(29.4V-21V)/5A Max. 12V/2.5A Max.

What's Included:
1x 24/12/5V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
1x Power Cable
1x AC Charger for Battery

The Portable Battery Kit 

Please Note:
Do not use the power bank in places with high humidity, moisture or where it may be exposed to inclement weather conditions.
Do not modify or disassemble the power bank.
Do not expose the power bank to extreme conditions such as heat caused by fire. 
Charge the power bank on hard flat surfaces such as counter tops and avoid charging on soft surfaces such as carpet or bedding.