1. EzWait Queuing Check-in Kiosk
EzWait Queuing Check-in Kiosk
EzWait Queuing Check-in Kiosk System

EzWait Queuing Check-in Kiosk

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EzWait Queuing Kiosk and Software Solution
Part Number: D5504

Feature: Great solution for any waiting area. Here's a few common applications:
Feature: Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Doctors and Dental offices
Feature: Government Buildings, Social Security offices, DMV, Tag Agencies
Feature: Schools, Universities, Colleges, and more

Description:  Microframe’s all-new EzWait queuing system brings flexibility and intelligence to your queue management.  Track wait times, customers served, customers waiting, and clerk performance from a simple web interface.    Easily configure multiple queues and multiple windows per queue all from this same web interface.  Call today to speak with a specialist on how the system can be configured for your specific needs.

The EzWait system consists of the following elements:

1 – A Subscription to the EzWait Web site. This web site allows you to view all of your key metrics as well as configure displays, set-up check-in queues, and call-waiting customers.

2 – A 5504 EzWait Kiosk – The EzWait kiosk has a built-in touch screen display, thermal ticket printer, and Wi-Fi connection.    The kiosk allows customers to select the queue they are checking into and prints their ticket with number and queue name.   The kiosk also connects to and helps configure the 5500 series Wi-Fi take-a-number LED displays.

3 – 5500 series LED Wi-Fi take-a-number displays:  The 5500 series displays connect to your Wi-Fi network and interface with the 5504 kiosks as well as the EzWait web site.  You can have an unlimited number of these displays and dynamically configure their role and check-in queue.  

4 – Lobby displays – always show the highest number “now serving” in any given queue.

5 – Window displays – show the number being served at a given customer service window.

You can have multiple lobby displays, all showing the same number for large waiting rooms. For more complex configurations, you can also have multiple window displays for a single service window.  

The LED Wi-Fi window displays can be connected to push buttons providing the ability to increment and decrement the number shown on the display.  If a computer is readily available, the system also includes a web interface to change the numbers shown on the LED displays.