Wired Systems

MODEL 904 (2-, 3-, 4-digit Systems)

Keypad for wired displays
2-, 3-, and 4-digit displays
Wiring Diagram for the 900 series displays
Maximum cable length chart for 900 series displays
Mini display for use with the wired Visual-Pager or Timer Systems

MODEL 906 (6-digit Systems)

Keypad for 6-digit wired displays
6-digit display

Wireless Systems

Series 3500 (Wireless 2-, 3-, 4-digit Systems)

Transmitter for wireless displays
2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-digit wireless displays
Wireless Signal Light (works with the MultiPage Transmitter)

TV Interface

Television Interface works with 904 or 906 keypad

Take-A-Number Displays

2- and 3-digit Take-a-Number displays
Wiring Diagram for the 5100 display
D1510 Take-A-Number VoiceBox Spec Sheet
D1510 Take-A-Number VoiceBox Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram for the 5320 display
2- and 3-digit Take-a-Number displays
Wiring Diagram for the 5400 display
Conceptual drawing for the Multi-window service system

Timer Displays/Keypad

Countdown/up timer keypad
4-digit countdown/up timer and clock
6-digit countdown/up timer and clock
Mini display with 1-inch LED's

Industrial Displays

3-digit display for use with the 904 keypad
3-digit ruggedized display

Multi-Number Systems

Maximum cable length chart for the series 9000 displays

Model 9040 (3-digit Systems)

Multi 3-digit keypad for restaurants
Shows four 3-digit numbers
Wiring diagram for 9430 displays

Model 9060 (2-digit Systems)

Multi 2-digit keypad for restaurants
Shows six 2-digit numbers

Series 3600 (Wireless Multi-Number)

Wireless transmitter for multi-number displays
Shows six 2-digit numbers
Shows four 3-digit numbers

Stand-Alone Timer

2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-digit countdown/up display

Specialty Event Timer

2-digit countdown/up display
3-digit countdown/up display
4-digit countdown/up display
6-digit countdown/up display

Computer-Controlled Displays

2-digit computer-controlled display
3-digit computer-controlled display
4-digit computer-controlled display
6-digit computer-controlled display

Vibrating Pager Systems

Versatile UHF transmitter
UHF transmitter with contact-closures
UHF transmitter with optional DTMF
UHF transmitter with optional Line Port
Basic UHF transmitter and coaster paging
One-touch wait staff paging system
One touch paging system with optional cancel panel
Contact-closure security paging system