"I have been at the church for 10 years, and in those 10 years, Microframe's products have been atremendous help to our church.

We use Microframe’s visual displays for our nursery paging system. We use three keypads located in the nursery, preschool and elementary classes to page parents when needed.

Another product we use is the Informant Signal Light. I only wish we would have been able to have this product 10 years ago. With nearly 700 kids in 11 classes running simultaneously, it has become something our workers have come to rely on greatly. It's so easy to install and even easier to operate.

The vibrating paging system we use for special needs children and first-time visiting parents who are nervous leaving their younger children in the nursery. It has been a great tool to give them peace of mind. I’m looking forward to our next decade of working with this great company."

Richard Maus, Children's Minister
Cornerstone Church – Toledo, OH

"We are using your 2-digit display system and we are finding it very beneficial in meeting our needs. We will be ordering more in the future as we grow the program.

The service you have provided to Beau Jo's Management Company has been outstanding and our business relationship has been mutually beneficial. Your company’s professionalism has been greatly appreciated."

Jim Abbs, Director of Operations
Beau Jo’s Management Company – Lakewood, CO

"Very reliable system – no down time.
Made a tremendous improvement in the atmosphere of the restaurant and reduced the noise.
Reduced the use of the PA System by 90 percent."

Larry Rainosek
Frontier Restaurant – Albuquerque, NM

"The Microframe Pharmacy Ready system has made my life simpler by reducing the unimportant questions at the counter and giving me more quality time to do my job.
Repeat customers almost always demand a number.
It has reduced the congestion around the counter - the customers seem to spend more time out in the store.
Our staff likes the system for the same reason."

Preston Triplett, Head Pharmacist – High Point, NC

"I just wanted to say that I purchased a Model 904 for our non-profit group recently, and the product is an A+. We wanted to use it to help display our current raffle total during our nonprofit group's annual fundraiser.
The product served our needs perfectly. Our raffle totals were instantly updated and displayed, keeping folks more interested in the amount over a 2-day period. I believe this was instrumental in us having our largest total, ever.
I also want to mention that every time I called your company, I was treated very well. Questions were answered, and there appeared to be a genuine interest in helping me get what I wanted/needed.
I searched the entire internet over a period of a week. I talked to or e-mailed a lot of people and a lot of different companies. But in the end, I chose your product."

Mike Rink
Twisters Club – Cornelius, NC