How to Choose an LED Numeric Display for Your Needs

Are you looking to turn heads, make an impression and send a clear signal?

An LED numeric display can get you there! Thanks to modern technology, this kind of signage is brighter and more effective than ever before. From gymnasiums to supermarkets, there are myriad places that could benefit from such illumination. 

Yet, with so many options on the market, the only challenge is determining which specific display is the best fit for your needs.

Today, we're sharing a quick guide to help you choose the right one every time. Read on to learn how to select the perfect timer, clock or counter!

What is an LED Counter?

Before we dive into the vast selection, let's explore what the term "LED Counter" means.

The acronym LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This is a semiconductor light source that's commonly used in the industrial world thanks to the range of benefits it provides over sources, including:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Lower overall cost
  • Lower power consumption
  • Higher-intensity power

A counter is a display that changes its visible number based on a real-time change in quantity. Backlit with LED lighting, it becomes both brilliant and eye-catching.

Who Needs an LED Counter?

When you think about signs that change numbers, one of the first scenarios that might come to mind is a sports game. Sports timers work as their name implies, counting down the time left in each playing period.

However, the use of LED counters extends far beyond the athletic arena. Other places where you might find one include:

  • At your supermarket's "Now Serving" counter
  • In a warehouse, keeping track of production numbers
  • At your bank teller's virtual line
  • At the workplace, tallying up accident-free days
  • In the lobby of any organization, counting down the time to a special event
  • At the track, counting down the time to a race

How Can I Choose the Right LED Display?

When you're ready to start shopping for an LED display, it won't take long to realize that there are plenty of different options available. Looking at our catalog of timer displays alone can make your head spin! How can you narrow down the selection to just those that will work for your application?

The answer lies in planning ahead.

This video walks you through all of the steps to take before you make a purchase. Let's review a few of the key highlights. 

Step 1: Know Your Digits

How many digits do you plan to display? The answer will determine the size of your solution. We offer displays that accommodate the following:

  • Two digits
  • Three digits
  • Four digits
  • Six digits

Of course, you can customize your timer as required. For instance, if you choose our smallest, two-digit timer, you can select whether you want it to show hours, minutes, or seconds. 

Step 2: Choose the Character Size/Dimensions

In most cases, our standard 5.5-inch characters are appropriate for your application. These are the size of a standard "Exit" sign and offer optimal viewability. 

What about users who need long-distance visibility, such as those who plan to install their sign at a sports field? In this case, we offer larger, eight-inch characters featuring dual-row LEDs. 

Step 3: Select an Indoor vs. Outdoor Display

There are not many visible differences between our indoor and outdoor displays. However, the outdoor models do offer an important feature: an auto-dimming function that allows them to lower their brightness level as the sun goes down.

Step 4: Determine Your Mounting Option

Most of our displays come equipped with a flat aluminum panel in the back, with a keyhole inserted for easy nail hanging. The panel also includes four holes to hold all requisite wires and connectors.

Need an installation method that's a little sturdier and more flexible?

We also offer tilt-mount brackets. When mounted to the wall, these allow you to tilt your display slightly downward. Note that outdoor displays are equipped with a specialized, weather-resistant outdoor case for easy mounting. 

Step 5: Narrow By Application

In most cases, the way you plan to use your display will direct the specific model you need. We offer a few different series designed to meet a range of applications, including:

  • 6300 Series: Standalone display with battery back-up and internal chime. Controllable via push buttons or remote.
  • 6200 Series: Keypad-controlled display
  • 6500 Series: Wi-Fi display controlled by a smart device and mobile app

Consider the environment in which you plan to install your display, and the level of control you'll require. These factors can help you make a final decision on which series is best.

From there, you can decide which special features you need.

Do you plan to use running timer? Some of the places you'll find these include:

  • Debates, lectures, and speeches
  • Radio stations
  • Sporting events

Here, any of our keypad timers, including our 4-Digit Keypad Timer System, work great.

What about a simple counter? Electronic unit counters are mainstays in many industrial manufacturing environments, used to help control production flow and prevent bottlenecks.

If you plan to count, do you need to count up or count down? Some models, including our 2-Digit Countdown Timer Display, only count down. If you need to do count in both directions, our Model 6200 Timer Keypad is ideal.

Find the Perfect LED Numeric Display Today

An LED numeric display can be an excellent addition to your storefront, sports field, or office building. It's an easy and economical way to make a major impact and get noticed. In many cases, it can also serve an important safety purpose!

When you're ready to find the perfect one for your space, we'd love to connect.

We offer a wide range of LED timers, clocks, and counters designed to fit various applications and environments. Take a look around our shop to learn more about our products, and feel free to contact us with any questions. 

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